Mission Statement

The Witness Project® is a culturally competent, community-based, breast and cervical cancer education program through which cancer survivors and lay health advisors increase awareness, knowledge, screening, and early detection behaviors in the African-American population in an effort to reduce the mortality and morbidity from cancer.

About Us

The Witness Project® of Detroit is a health program for women in churches and community in Wayne County. It is an evidence-based and community-based educational program developed to address racial disparities in breast and cervical cancer in Wayne County. The Witness Project® relies upon two types of volunteers. The first are Witness Role Models, breast and cervical cancer survivors who share their personal stories. The second are Lay Health Advisors, women who have never been diagnosed but provide essential education about breast and cervical cancer risk factors and early detection strategies. Click here to volunteer! Click here to schedule a program with us! 

What We Offer

  • Free 1 hour 15 minute program at your church or community
  • Education
  • Age appropriate screening guidelines
  • Resources for screening

Witness Group Photo